Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Update (For Those Who Are Interested)

Where to begin?
Okay. First, two granddaughters were added to my family (one in August and one in December of 2012); then my dad died a week before Christmas in 2013; I lost my house and 90 percent of everything I own because I couldn't pay my lot rent; I bounced between three of my four children until late August of 2016, stayed with my mother for about a month before she told me to get out; and lived in a homeless shelter for three months; got one more granddaughter in November and found out in February that I'm getting another grandson.

In March of 2017 I finally got approved for SSI (after FOUR YEARS of jumping through their hoops). Now, because I have to have a representative payee (because, apparently, I am not capable of handling my finances on my own), I am back living with my oldest daughter, who is my RP. Which sucks.

She was told by SSA that I was to have NO ACCESS to the account and she had to keep receipts because EVERYTHING had to be accounted for, and of there we're any discrepancies she would have to pay for them. As a result, I don't know exactly how much money I actually have. And l feel like I'm begging when I ask her to buy me what I need.

I was told that I only need to have an RP for six months, if I can show that I am capable of managing my money. If my daughter keeps this up, it should be a cinch.

Has It Been 5 Years!?

I am so excited to be able to blog again!